L Mace Studios 

dance & cheer



Not sure what class is best for you?  Let us help!

Here are the class descriptions of the classes we offer:

Ballet:     The most beautiful of the performing arts, and the foundation for all dance styles.  This is the most important form of dance, and is strongly advised for the more serious dancer to build technique, and highly recommended for the little girls who have always dreamed of being a ballerina!  Teaches a child basic movement, poise, and grace.

                      Pink Ballet Shoes are required. 

Tap:         Always a favorite!  Not only do the kids extremely enjoy to make noise and hear themselves making sound, but this form of dance strongly helps musicality and rhythm.

                        Tap shoes are required.

Jazz:         Another popular dance form. Emphasis is on basic technique, stretch, turns & leaps!  

                        Jazz Shoes required. 

Lyrical/Contemporary:    Emphasis is on basic technique, stretch, turns & leaps, with more of a fluid movement.  Very often referred to as an infusion of ballet and jazz mixed together.  

                        Lyrical Shoes required. 

Acrobatics:     This is not only an extremely fun class, but this also builds strength & increases flexibility tremendously!  It is also an incredible class to build partner skills.  Acro has many elements and components, including...power tumble, aerial work, contortion work, controlled skills and balance work.  

Power Tumble:      Power Tumble not only works on strength and flexibility, but focuses mainly on the "Power" Skills down the mat.       

Kinderdance:     Creative movement and exercise for the young dancer. Basic muscular and mental development are encouraged through fun. 

                                Incorporating all phases of ballet, tap, and tumbling. 

                                Ballet and tap shoes are required. 

Kindercheer:    Very similar to Kinderdance, only this helps build creative movement and exercise for the young cheerleader.  Basic muscular and mental development are encouraged through fun. 

                                 Learning basic cheer and tumbling skills. 

                                 Tennis shoes are required. 

Cheer Technique:       Cheer Technique helps you to learn the basics of cheer!  The student will learn motions, jumps, stunts, tumbling...a little bit of everything to make your cheerleader the best they can be. This is also another style that helps build team work & partnering skills!  There are 2 levels in this class.  

​                                   Tennis Shoes are required.