L Mace Studios 


dance & cheer

We are happy to be going into our fourth season!  

Tiny Level 1- "Glitterbugs" (Ages 5 & 6)

Jr. Level 1 - "Shimmer" (Ages 14 & under)

(Placement of teams is based off of age and tumbling ability)

We attend 3 regional competitions and 1 national competition.  Both regionals are in North Carolina and the nationals we attend, if not in North Carolina, is surrounding it (Myrtle Beach for ex.).   If you are on one of these teams, a power tumble class, taught at L Mace Studios, is required to be taken by the athlete as well! 

Fees (These are estimates):

Monthly Tuition- See tuition scale (if you take dance, just add it to your dance hours)

Uniform- $300 (estimate)

USASF  Fee- $30

Choreography & Music- $100-$150

Warm Up- $85

Bag- $25

Shoes- $35-$65

​Bow- $20-$30